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Which Is Best Between CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire?

Let's first describe which is the superior overall offer before diving into this review.

Though not always accessible, CISION PR Newswire provides distribution options based on geography that include particular features to make your distribution stand out. The entry-level EIN Presswire plan costs $49.95 but has few features.

Choose the winner, CISION PR Newswire, to make use of their editorial staff's services and to have your release tailored to your area.

Stay with CISION PR Newswire for a well-known, extensive news release distribution network.

Open EIN Presswire if you're on a tighter budget and don't mind less syndication.

To discover the best press release distribution service, read our assessment of the Best Press Release Distribution Service in 2021.

What is the connection between CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire?

According to all appearances, CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire have a lot in common.

Some of the similarities between them are listed below:

  • Depending on the qualities you choose to emphasize, both specialize in providing industries.

  • Utilization: It is simple to disseminate a news release thanks to the user-friendly websites of CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire.

  • Both businesses provide extra services to raise the value of their bundles. These include syndication, digital distribution, and other methods.

  • Customer service: You can get help with tricky questions and be guided through the press release distribution process through the customer care networks of CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire.


By Cision PR Newswire

  1. CISION PR Newswire can be found on the website.

  2. Choose "Get Started"

  3. Complete the sign-up form.

  4. Choose "Create My Account."



  1. See the EIN Presswire website.

  2. Press enter to "Submit Release."

  3. Choose the pricing plan you want.

  4. To begin, click "Get Started."


CISION PR Newswire Features:


PR Newswire-Features A press release is distributed to the PR Newswire network, which includes more than 4,000 websites, 3,000 media outlets, and access to more than 20,000 email subscribers for PR Newswire for Journalists.


Regional: Send a 400-word press release to any US region or a list of the top markets. A press release is sent to members of the PR Newswire network and PR Newswire for Journalists. a 400-word news release that is sent nationally. A press release is distributed to the PR Newswire network and PR Newswire for Journalists.


Customer care is available around the clock to members of PR Newswire.


One press release is included, along with dissemination to Google News, Bing News, and the websites of network partners.


EIN Presswire Pro includes five press releases, EIN Presswire placement, distribution to major news websites (Google News, Bing News), and network partner websites. Press releases are also distributed to US TV and radio, sent via email to readers on EIN Newsdesk, and posted on Facebook and Twitter.


It consists of 10 press releases, EIN Presswire placement, and distribution to top news websites (Google News, Bing News), as well as websites of network partners. Additionally, press releases are distributed to US TV and radio, sent via email to readers of EIN Newsdesk, uploaded on Twitter and Facebook the same day, and shared with US radio and television.

CISION PR Newswire-


As a basic wire distribution service, PR Newswire works best for releases that need to reach a large audience but don't necessarily require demographic hyper-targeting. There are many different possibilities for distribution channels, but most of them are somewhat standard in comparison to other, more involved services like Business Wire. However, PR Newswire's cost is also considerably lower, so for the price you pay, it more than meets your needs.


Businesses with significant public service expenditures that wish to quickly distribute a news release over the wire to a narrowly focused audience should use PR Newswire. Since it is fairly expensive, it's probably not a good option for smaller businesses or "boutique" public relations firms unless the expense of distribution is to be passed straight on to the client.


EIN Presswire

Below are some verifiable testimonials taken from the EIN Presswire website and written by clients who have utilized the service to help spread the word about their company.

"After testing a number of wire services, we discovered that the EIN Presswire methodology was straightforward and the UI was clear. For each news release that is distributed, EIN Presswire offers good flexibility and concentration around target industry groups and geographical areas. Customer service and sales interactions have been excellent.

Which Press Release Service Should You Choose?

Both CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire have user-friendly websites and offer online news release distribution services. But in our opinion, the greatest press release distribution firm is CISION PR Newswire because of its capacity to target particular regions.


If you're still confused, let's look at some instances to see if they might assist you in deciding which is better for your specific needs.

Are the prices for CISION PR Newswire and EIN Presswire clear?

You must contact CISION PR Newswire to learn more about their packages and pricing since they do not provide their actual prices on their website.


On its webpage, EIN Presswire provides a price list for each of its services.

What is the top distribution service for press releases?

Your objectives will determine the best press release distribution service. A trustworthy business will offer you a press release service with excellent writing and distribution capabilities. Another great option is a business that offers first-rate customer service and can adapt its services to your specific requirements.

What is a distribution service for press releases?

Your news releases can be distributed to numerous media outlets by a press release distribution service. The news distribution company will handle mailing, faxing, and even printing your documents so that you don't have to worry about them. They specialize in creating personalized press releases.


A good service will mail your materials for less than you would pay a professional business to do the same thing, so even though a PR distribution service often costs more than you would spend to have a professional create your release, you wind up saving money in the long run.

Why do businesses issue press releases?

The purpose of a press release You might believe that all it takes to spread the news about your new product or service is a straightforward press release. That's not the case, though.


You must take a number of crucial steps to guarantee that your press release has the best chance of success if you want to be sure that it gets picked up and spread.


Any business should adhere to these procedures if it wants to release a press release:

  • excellent press release writing.

  • Make contact with media organizations that have connections to your customers.

  • Make sure your press release appears in print.

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