Jimmy Kimmel talks about hair burning Thanksgiving

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(CNN)Jimmy Kimmel talked astir his "mildly frightening" Thanksgiving on his show Monday, telling his viewers that, well, helium burned disconnected assemblage hairsbreadth and hairline portion trying to light an outdoor pizza oven.

"I privation I could accidental this is the archetypal clip I've done this," Kimmel said.

He joked, "It's a bully happening I was wearing a hat, oregon I would beryllium bald tonight."

    Kimmel explained that helium was "blasted by a fireball" due to the fact that helium turned connected the oven, lit it and fto it capable with state earlier tossing a burning portion of insubstantial in.

      "You'd deliberation I would learn, but yet, I haven't," helium said, adding helium "tossed it successful the oven, and roar — it came close backmost astatine me."

      The late-night big said helium realized what happened erstwhile helium caught the odor of burning hair. "The odor was precise bad," helium said. "I deliberation the crushed burning hairsbreadth smells truthful atrocious is it's God's mode of telling you, 'You are connected occurrence close now.' "

      Even though Kimmel singed his hairline and his arms, helium inactive made dinner.

      "I had a repast to prepare," helium said, adding, "I went close backmost to cooking, I finished each dish."

      He had besides posted the incidental to societal media, writing, "Happy thanksgiving everyone. effort not to pain your hairsbreadth and eyebrow disconnected lighting the oven!" helium captioned a photograph of himself with burned hair.

        Kimmel's girl Katie commented connected the station writing, "Again?????"

        "Yep," Kimmel replied. "It's present a vacation tradition."

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